The Platform

Digital transformation for retailers’ front-end

Frictionless Shopping

Shopic bases its frictionless solution on an AI-powered clip-on device that turns any standard shopping cart into a smart cart. With low capital outlay and minimal store modifications, it transforms shopping experiences while enabling data-driven optimization of the store’s front-end.

Key features

Easy, natural experience

What can be simpler than picking the products you want and just walking out? Shopic’s smart cart solution allows users to save time by optimizing their store path and skipping the checkout lines altogether.

Fits with existing operations

The detachable clip-on overcomes many operational challenges of deploying smart carts. For example, since the clip-on always stays in the store there is no problem rolling the cart to the parking lot, and since it charges on its stand, it never runs out of power.

Deep insights

Shopic turns every cart into a “sensor” that travels around the store and collects data. It can be used for shelf analytics, heat maps, real-time planograms, active inventory feeds, and much more.

Key benefits

Minimal store disruption

A complete frictionless shopping experience is available without changing the store layout, installing expensive hardware, or replacing shopping carts. It is commercially available and is by far the lowest cost solution to deploy and operate.


Our smart clip-on device is significantly cheaper than purpose-built smart carts and does not disrupt the highly optimized shopping cart supply chain.

Instant value

Shopic’s solution is available today and doesn’t rely on technological leaps or cost reduction. It is also among the only solutions that expand frictionless shopping to large and hyper-scale stores.

On-cart promotions

Shopic personalizes the in-store experience by offering promotions based on the shopper’s store path, real-time item selections, and past buying habits. Shoppers save time and money; retailers get a highly effective marketing channel.

No more blind spots

Shopic gives retailers insight into one of the least visible parts of their business – what happens from the moment a shopper enters a store until they check out. Shopic’s unprecedented level of insight into on-store paths and interactions allow retailers to optimize shopping experience like never before.


Our AI-powered loss prevention system, CartWatch, analyzes in real-time numerous behavioral, historical and visual data points and detects anomalies and suspicious actions. CartWatch provides a strong layer of security to all our frictionless shopping solutions.

Key benefits

Control your shrinkage

CartWatch identifies suspicious transactions with up to 100% better accuracy compared to traditional solutions.

Virtual POS

Integrating with POS systems is often challenging. That’s why we’ve created Virtual POS, a flexible cloud-based integration platform that dramatically cuts integration times to any POS system. Virtual POS supports all types of pricing, promotions, coupons, tax rules, and much more.

Key benefits

Supports all major POS systems

Major POS systems work out of the box, with no special integration.

Easy integration to proprietary systems

Integration with smaller POS systems takes weeks, not months.