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The Shopic Platform

The Shopic platform brings immediate value with our world leading mobile self-checkout and AI-powered Fraud Detection solutions, and is quickly evolving into a complete frictionless in-store experience.

Secured Mobile Self-Checkout

Best in class Mobile Checkout solution that enables a complete Scan-Pay-Go experience in store, accompanied by CartWatch - AI-based fraud detection system that detects behavioral anomalies to reduce shrinkage.

What our Partners Say

Michal Nillisen Head of in store technology Thanks to Shopic's Mobile-Checkout solution, we've gained many new customers who weren't usually shopping with us, but have become permanent customers because they know how much time they're going to save. We see increased basket sizes with existing customers as well. It really does an amazing job for us.
Efrat Sheinmel CIO, Israel The team at Shopic is extremely attentive and responsive. Knowing the nature of POS-integration, we were skeptical at first that such a solution could work, especially within a reasonable time frame, but we were proven wrong. The team is extremely professional, creative, and delivers on time, even on hard tasks with high uncertainty. It's been a pleasure working with them.
Rafi Brikman Vice President Shopic succeeded to provide the best solution for our high-volume stores. The adoption rate is beyond any expectation, especially among our very orthodox, non-technological community. The high demand forced us to double the number of devices that we expected to need initially. We have a close and warm relation with the Shopic team, and we know we can completely rely on their support 24/7.
Israel Kohn Store Manager Shopic's motivation to transform the customer shopping experience is what makes their product so loved. Their up-sell engine increased customer-awareness for promotions, which significantly increased the Mobile-Checkout usage and basket size, and changed our customer-behavior to a more promotion-driven approach. In addition, Shopic's CartWatch System reduced shrinkage better than all other solutions we've tested.

The Shopic Advantage
Take your stores to the next level

Transform your in-store experience

Get the latest and greatest checkout experience for your customers from day one. Our Mobile Checkout platform is the most advanced of its kind, with over $50M already processed. Gradually transform into a completely frictionless experience as we develop and release new capabilities.

Streamline your store operations using advanced insights

Get advanced analytics like never before that will allow your staff to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Get closer to your customers

Our platform is used by the consumers throughout their entire shopping trip, giving you deeper and clearer understanding of their actions and decisions, and the ability to engage with them with special offers and promotions at key points of their shopping trip.

AI-powered security

Our Machine-Learning algorithms study your customers’ behavior in real-time, providing you with alerts when suspicious activities take place. The system is constantly improving as it learns your customers better over time.

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